• CCC is building a new home

    After eight years of renting, we are excited to begin construction of our new facility.  The vote was unanimous to begin construction, so please be in prayer about how the Lord is leading you to contribute to/participate in this endeavor.

  • February 2020

    The inside of the old chapel has been gutted to make way for some new classrooms.

  • February 2020

    Walls are going up!

  • October 25

    Footings are done, we are ready to pour concrete!!!!

  • July 17

    Spresser Excavation took over and laid the dirt work for the buildings foundation.  Special thanks to Spresser Excavation for also finishing the road that to the east of the church.

  • June 29

    This was our first official workday at the new church site.  The crew, cleared flower beds, replanted trees and removed the air conditioning units in preparation for the dirt work.